Thursday, December 28, 2006


Finally, I got a job. Remember? The bright Green business card-Tuesday-11.15 am??? After the meeting I was offered the job. I am very happy & a lot more excited.

Today is my last day at my present office-my first office-my first job. The place where I learned a lot of things, a place where I learned to face the real world. I am very grateful for everything to my Boss & my colleagues. Will come back after a short break- probably the next year.

Happy New Year !

Sunday, December 24, 2006

All what I could think

Current Condition:

A very dull time of the day.
Poor selection of song being played in the background (by my colleague).
Unhealthy me-No breakfast-No lunch.
Oily hair.
Mild head ache.
Upset fiancé.
Secret evidence of womanhood-running 3rd day.
Online competitions for free vouchers found expired.
Christmas greetings in email inbox.
Volume muted on monitor (built-in speaker).
Friends online on chat messengers-late hours in Alberta. (Christmas Eve-vodka-party time-Yippee!)

Current Thoughts:

Lunch in the office refrigerator.
Cold water from office cooler-sooth my throat.
Bright green color business card-CDC-I hope I get through.
Tuesday morning 11:15 am meeting-thought link-CDC-Bright green color business card.
Beautiful long nails on right hand broken last evening.
No nails on both hands-faster on keyboard.
Dry lips-Always-Labello
Shaking legs-bad habit.
Awwe! SRK on cover page-What’s on?-The UAE’s biggest-selling magazine-Muah! (To SRK)

Damn it either way

Okai! So two days of self evaluation or whatever crap you call it, I am back to life. Once again call it life or anything crap. Honestly, I never knew it would be the way it is now. Damn! Life never wants to change. My life! Never! Wants! Bloody change! Damn it!

I am not into it anymore. Damn it once again!

I wonder how my words are really my strength. Duh! Not this way anyways….Damn!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I like my way

Human on earth be it good or bad, sweet or cute, lovers or beloveds they all love to be sarcastic at times. I have come across so many types of people and have only noticed having the quality to pass sarcastic comments even when it is might not have been the right time. Or perhaps to be sarcastic means to pass rude comments at the wrong time. Am I correct?

I have lately got back my habit of reading books. When I was in school I have only read the silly fairy tales and not much complicated novels. But now I got a wider perception on reading and have lately started it all again. Sheer coincidence that I get to read only autobiographies. And I have loved it and seems like my interest is growing towards autobiographies only. But you see, I can strongly argue that I don’t read for sake of reading. I read because I want to read and I understand I love it.

Be it Arundhati Roy or Kamala Das I don’t find their writings influencing me in any way, even if it meant writing a post of my own on my very own blog. At one point I consider them to be bold great Indian women/authors and at one point I consider myself to be myself. Here you might comprehend on what I wanted to express with the start of my post. Some don’t think the way I think and that’s definitely not going make me think the way they think or want me to think. I like reading and I like to think the way I think.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Silence...or Secret...

'A silence hung in the air like secret loss.'

A silence......

Secret loss......

(Line from the novel-The god of small things)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The God of over expectations.

No! I am not proud at all-proud of not being a god fearing person. I hate to be so at the same time I love to be myself. To fear god I need to have faith in god. That means No Faith No Fear.

My faith in god has nothing to do with the book I am reading currently-The God of small things by Arundhati Roy. It is the Winner of the Booker Prize 1997. I wonder why I end with so much of expectations every time I start reading a new book. Books of my choice are not available in Dubai and I have recently started troubling my friends who visit India for vacation just to hunt for the books I am anxious to read. Mean of me right?

Without diverting from the topic, I don’t really feel interested in the book. Perhaps, it must be my over expectations or maybe the momentary excitement to read it. I remember reading the Autobiography of R.K.Narayan long back even when I was having my lunch or dinner of the day; it was like live journey through his life. On contrary I also feel that ‘The God of small things’ lacks the constant pull that I expected in every chapter I read till now. I can’t just let go the hope. After all, the book has won the Booker Prize and it can’t just be as what I think.

Alright! I accept I am having over-expectations.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beedi Jalai le

Does anyone know about something that’s a trend in the world of the proud mobile owners? A trend that can irritate the hell out me? Well, let me explain. Now I got few friends who have filmy songs set on their mobile numbers and each time I call them I could listen to:

‘Who is it? Don!’ and then the music beat start and sometimes ‘Aau sunau pyar ki ek kahani’

I get so irritated listening to it. Thanks to Etisalat that I never got to listen to that Omkara song.

Beedi jalai le, jigar se piya, jigar maa badi aag hai

Ah! Stop it or else the song is going to stick to my tongue and I am surely going hum the tune unknowingly the whole day.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas in the air

Dubai is all set to welcome Santa Claus. Preparations have already started. Decorations & rich Christmas trees can be seen in every mall of the city. I have always wanted to enjoy the decorations for Christmas in the malls but never could really go out as often as I wanted to. But there is something special about it this year because the DSF- Dubai Shopping Festival is also coming up end of this month. It is definitely going to be a fun and I am all thrilled about the roller coasters, cotton candies, pavilions, shopping loads and loads, the special DSF offers/ discounts in all shopping malls and never the less the beauty of Dubai nights all decorated and sexy is beyond words. Muah! Can’t wait!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Few thoughts out of many

Every time I think of writing something for on blog I feel very lazy-sad-bored-silly and I wonder what not in every discouraging manner. And it is because I know it’s not the best of what I wanted to present as a reflection of myself. Sadness, anger, hatred, self pity all comes to a halt. I don’t want to worry any more. I don’t want to think of what hurts me. At present I think the way I should have thought long back. You see, I personally feel however mature a person is take the person’s age or not he or she has got to learn something or the other new everyday and with me I think I learned it and I am recovering.

I might have all what I don’t want or what is important but no necessity but not that what I am desperately looking for. I know life never gives you all what you want, but I am sure I am not asking what I don’t deserve. I think of myself being very happy with life. It’s all in your hands, trust me. If you want to be happy think you are happy.

At moments of solitude I think of what I have done in life to be the way I am today. I realize I haven’t done anything to progress. I can’t blame the fate. It has nothing to do with my interest to work hard or learn more. If ever I had an ambition in life I feel I would have been given a better place in my family. All at the same time I cannot blame myself for not having an aim. I might sound silly but it is what has happened with me and it is true. My thoughts were very limited. I never wanted to think wide. I have always isolated myself from the community I was in just to be myself. All at the same again I know what I am just because of my strange want to analyze myself. Life has been tough and I hope it is not always going to be the same.