Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The God of over expectations.

No! I am not proud at all-proud of not being a god fearing person. I hate to be so at the same time I love to be myself. To fear god I need to have faith in god. That means No Faith No Fear.

My faith in god has nothing to do with the book I am reading currently-The God of small things by Arundhati Roy. It is the Winner of the Booker Prize 1997. I wonder why I end with so much of expectations every time I start reading a new book. Books of my choice are not available in Dubai and I have recently started troubling my friends who visit India for vacation just to hunt for the books I am anxious to read. Mean of me right?

Without diverting from the topic, I don’t really feel interested in the book. Perhaps, it must be my over expectations or maybe the momentary excitement to read it. I remember reading the Autobiography of R.K.Narayan long back even when I was having my lunch or dinner of the day; it was like live journey through his life. On contrary I also feel that ‘The God of small things’ lacks the constant pull that I expected in every chapter I read till now. I can’t just let go the hope. After all, the book has won the Booker Prize and it can’t just be as what I think.

Alright! I accept I am having over-expectations.

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