Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The only reason why you love me, well loved me, was perhaps the shameless honesty I maintained between us. It was almost like being naked. Talking naked? The point is, yes I wanted you to go away and all that. That was when you were madly in love with me. I hated it. But I knew I would be desperate once you go. Forever only, mind you! Yes, we are indeed talking about forever going away. So I am desperate now.

Why don’t you love me? Madly?

Why don’t you tell me it’s killing you when I avoid you?

Why don’t you sing me Blunt’s ‘Your beautiful’?

Okay, fine. I will let you touch my feet because you like the color of my nail paint. I won’t say ‘no’ this time.

I will even let you smell the perfume on my neck. I won’t say ‘no’.

I promise. I wont.

Only if you stay where you are maybe. I don’t know. You have gone forever haven’t you?