Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What blocks me from blogging?

That was one another week of my life thinking on how to really start writing something worth reading on my blog. That even means encouraging myself to carry a handy note pad all way from office to home so that I don’t curb my passion to scribble down my thoughts straying along the streets of my mind. But that didn’t help a bit. Trust me! I didn’t bother to touch the writing pad.

Well, I have been wondering how & when have blogging become a difficult task to me? It has always been a pain killer and a place where I am free to mention anything and everything that’s happening with me. Finding it tough to blog. Sigh!

Basically it is the state of my mind that really doesn’t approve me of blogging good and worth reading stuff in here. One has to have a peaceful mind to transfer your feelings on to a place as this. Sometimes, life takes unusual turns where everything about oneself goes upside down which favorably and maybe the other way affects one in every way, be it mentally or a slight variation in the stable state of mind. And then you have to continue moving on the new direction.

I understand that these days I become depressed very easily. I find no reason to get irritated and no other reason to keep continuing that for long. How strange isn’t it? And maybe that really blocks me from blogging on this new blog of mine. I guess I need some more of the time to come up to my own expectations.

Till then let me be invisible.

Absolute Introvert I am....

I am not new to blogging first of all. But when it comes to starting it all again it’s confusing. Blogging has really helped me in expressing my thoughts and feelings. A pain reliever, a world where you get to know of people unknown, you learn more of your negatives, you improve your ability to articulate, you learn to be independent, you express your ideas all way un censored. Well, that really helped an introvert like me.

I generally write when I want to write and not for sake of it and that makes me an irregular and at times a very regular blogger. My interests in life will start and end with one which is listening to music. Well, I used to have a lot of hobbies, but work-office leaves me alone with a music player or Zen whatever you may call it.

Too boring for an intro isn’t it? Let me stop. Will get back with more of nonsense.