Saturday, December 16, 2006

I like my way

Human on earth be it good or bad, sweet or cute, lovers or beloveds they all love to be sarcastic at times. I have come across so many types of people and have only noticed having the quality to pass sarcastic comments even when it is might not have been the right time. Or perhaps to be sarcastic means to pass rude comments at the wrong time. Am I correct?

I have lately got back my habit of reading books. When I was in school I have only read the silly fairy tales and not much complicated novels. But now I got a wider perception on reading and have lately started it all again. Sheer coincidence that I get to read only autobiographies. And I have loved it and seems like my interest is growing towards autobiographies only. But you see, I can strongly argue that I don’t read for sake of reading. I read because I want to read and I understand I love it.

Be it Arundhati Roy or Kamala Das I don’t find their writings influencing me in any way, even if it meant writing a post of my own on my very own blog. At one point I consider them to be bold great Indian women/authors and at one point I consider myself to be myself. Here you might comprehend on what I wanted to express with the start of my post. Some don’t think the way I think and that’s definitely not going make me think the way they think or want me to think. I like reading and I like to think the way I think.

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