Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Few thoughts out of many

Every time I think of writing something for on blog I feel very lazy-sad-bored-silly and I wonder what not in every discouraging manner. And it is because I know it’s not the best of what I wanted to present as a reflection of myself. Sadness, anger, hatred, self pity all comes to a halt. I don’t want to worry any more. I don’t want to think of what hurts me. At present I think the way I should have thought long back. You see, I personally feel however mature a person is take the person’s age or not he or she has got to learn something or the other new everyday and with me I think I learned it and I am recovering.

I might have all what I don’t want or what is important but no necessity but not that what I am desperately looking for. I know life never gives you all what you want, but I am sure I am not asking what I don’t deserve. I think of myself being very happy with life. It’s all in your hands, trust me. If you want to be happy think you are happy.

At moments of solitude I think of what I have done in life to be the way I am today. I realize I haven’t done anything to progress. I can’t blame the fate. It has nothing to do with my interest to work hard or learn more. If ever I had an ambition in life I feel I would have been given a better place in my family. All at the same time I cannot blame myself for not having an aim. I might sound silly but it is what has happened with me and it is true. My thoughts were very limited. I never wanted to think wide. I have always isolated myself from the community I was in just to be myself. All at the same again I know what I am just because of my strange want to analyze myself. Life has been tough and I hope it is not always going to be the same.

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Nik said...

hey, thanks for that, i know i need to be careful when buying gifts coz it could be bad if i dont get for everyone but i just dont know what all to get everyone...

hope u have a great christmas and new year as well,

take care :)