Monday, May 12, 2008

Divine Lust

‘Touch me only with kisses’ he said

In middle of a familiar forest;
How I lost my way.
How I lost my self.
On the bed made of mushy green leaves
We made love that only the rain witnessed
Every one desired the one I loved
Between perspires I hid my tears
Tears of jealousy
Yet how beautiful I felt
Yet how heavenly!
For having imprisoned him
Within myself
On the banks of the cold river
We lied in darkness
I hid my doubts
For Yumana could be another Gopi
The breeze that monsoon had a musky fragrance
And the warmth of deep breathes
Only the flute remained silent
But the music still played
The symphony of love
The symphony of divine lust


dheep said...

Lust and love..... Unfinished symphony of life.....!!

A Liberated Soul said...

Dheep, welcome here!