Thursday, May 15, 2008

The perfect end to it

He often told me that I think of rain too much. I know. I do. And I also told you how small a world is mine. Living in the desert of deserts on sunniest of days I still miss waking up to a rainy morning. Yet in every drop of water falling from the shower in my bathroom gives me goose bumps. I know this land of dry mornings and humid nights better than you. And I still wish. And I still long.

Remember I once told you, some thoughts to me are like dark clouds that hang around in the sky on the last days of monsoon August. And all what we could do is let go the clouds that were not meant to entertain. I meant thoughts you knew it. Didn’t you?

Well, I could never say because when I told you about how the raindrops would fall down to unite with the earth you switched into deep thinking. Wasn’t it as simple as that? Why do I sound complicated to you? And at times boring because you say you don’t understand such things. You take it on your side and I am left to think more.

Despite this you still crawl into my little world and ask for kisses. I smile to myself thinking of those moments, when you would speak loud till then, only to whisper in my ears ‘give me a kiss’. I let you go but. I would have sounded sillier if I did make you understand. And probably alien too. I wouldn’t want to repeat what I have already told you several times. ‘To me love is more important that kisses. Kisses are expression of deep love and not just lust.’

Standing by the window of my house on that rainy morning I looked out at you and waved you good-bye. I might never say this to you but I have kissed you a hundred times just as how I once whispered to you ‘I love you’.

You were lost looking at me and that’s when you forgot to listen to my heart.

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