Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wanting no more

I don’t want more memories
That’s why I never let you come.
I have forgiven my yesterdays
I may not be able to my future.


Anonymous said...

whats that supposed to mean D ?

Mez said...

Ok u imagine a lot. Now i know cuz u makin me belv. that :)

A Liberated Soul said...

A, I wish you understood dear. But I wouldnt let you go just like other times. To explain in detail what I wrote in those lines would be like:

I dont want more memories mean that I have had enough memories -some good some bad in the past. There was someone who tried to come into my life (I imagine) and I ignored him/her by somehow telling that I wont let him/her in becos I dont wish to have more memories that might hurt in future. As you know, some happiest memories also hurts.
The third line means that I have made a mistake in my life in the past by building memories unknowingly yet knowingly letting it happen. And today when I look back I try to convince by thinking that I have forgiven myself.
The fourth line means that I am pleading to understand that I may not be able to forgive myself in future if I end up doing the same mistakes of my yesterdays.
Basically it is an analysis of one's own feeling -the other you within you- the other voice that speaks within you. Based only on imagination on how I would react to a new friend or person wanting to come into my life. How I had had experiences in life of having good friends and bad friends and memories attached to that which equally hurts me for not having either of them today in my life.

Imaginations make me write. I find them more interesting that real life happenings. Imaginations have no boundaries, but real life has limitations. There is a major difference there. What shall one do if one feels something more than what a word -'happiest' could explain? Thats the limit of real life which gives me no motivation to write.

I hope you understood this. Now please give me a honest comment after completely understanding my post ;)

A Liberated Soul said...

Mez, thanks a lot dear :)

Anonymous said...

u r tagged D

A Liberated Soul said...

Ashu, will try to do it soon! ;)