Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A letter to sister

Dear Sister,

I wanted to inform you that I was completely sick last day. I had a severe head ache and vomiting. The day before yesterday I did not take any food for dinner and slept off. Yesterday morning I went through all what I thought I would never have to face again. I started having head ache and tried to sleep for a while. But couldn’t sleep and felt that my head was spinning. I called up office to say that I am feeling sick and I cannot work that day. After that I tried to get some sleep lying on the bed turning to my right and my left continuously. Nothing helped till I slept off for an hour or two I do not remember clearly.

My headache was getting serious as I felt I could no more take the pain. Some very odd thoughts started coming to mind. I could see myself in our old home at RAK. I suppose it was a Friday afternoon I was thinking of because Amma was cooking something special and Achan was at home only. It was too hot as I was hopping through the verandah to reach our bedroom from the drawing room. We were all eagerly waiting for the lunch to be served. It was fun and we all had smiles on our faces.

I saw this like a dream to wake up and realize that I was about to die. It was weird but I felt it. The pain in my head was unbearable. I went to my neighbor to tell that I wanted to be taken to the hospital. I was taken to the hospital and given injection and glucose.

Now I am feeling better. I opted not to rest today at home but to work. Resting means sitting at home and thinking of lot many things which would ultimately make me feel all the more sick.

Between Amma is coming this Sunday.

I hope things are fine at your end. I sincerely hope that you are happy and leading a good life with your lovely two kids and your husband.

Yours truly,


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