Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bright in darkness

Last night was a horrible trance. I did not sleep a bit. I waited for the needle to pass 9 on the clock so I could lie on bed and struggle for some sleep.

The room was bright in darkness. Despite the dark blue curtains the street lights did easily pierce through into the room and I could see everything just like in daylight. He was in deep sleep I guess. I heard him mumble through out the night. He moved from his right and left, breathing heavily occasionally. This along with my body ache, shutting down my eyes became impossible for quite a long time. I knew he was not comfortable. I thought it was too cold for him which made me switch off the Air conditioner. After a while he again conveyed some discomfort. I was forced to switch on the cooler again.

I slept off soon after that. All I remember was I woke to feel him beside me. Like a baby he had moved over to me for some warmth- probably. I forgot all my pains-physical and mental. He looked very innocent and it was very difficult for me to believe that he doesn’t love me.

On and off the sleep journey I saw a lot of dreams. I wish life was just another dream.

I wish it was all a dream.


Come home to roost...Back in Bombay said...

You sound like someone that I know... But then, one can never be too sure... a lot of us have similar stories, don't we?

A Liberated Soul said...

You were not sure and so you were right!