Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A rare afternoon of a rare winter

Yes actually! My brains can think better. I can write better eventually. Time is a real factor and energy too. Seriously! I really wish I could engage myself in something I am desperately interested. My interests are a lot but I love to stick to one thing I love to do always. I cannot let go it be whatever my life. Be that the job I do is least of my interest. Be that the field I chose for Bachelors is least of my interest. Be whatever I do and I get is least of my interest but a little part of me dies to see myself doing what I love the most. And I do not wish that this little bit of me lose its self satisfying joy any a time in my life.

‘Stay at home. You don’t need to work.’ And the only positive thought that struck me was books. The books that carry the smell of knowledge. The books that I still wish to read. The choices that all think are weird. Or maybe not all. The bottom less depth of the language. Gasping I would still dive deeper into world of words. I love to catch myself secretly searching for that something philosophical I might want to comprehend over and over again. Secretly only!

The some bit of me I told you about probably is this. A library of ‘weird choices’ I believe that only I love in some corner of my home, a room filled with the smell of books, a lovely dream open in my hands that I would care much not to crumble the pages, a soft couch, a rare afternoon of a rare winter, cloudy sky like my romantic mind and the beautiful drops of rain through the window-the sight and the feel equally special to me.

If ‘Follow your heart’ meant this then my life would be complete.


The Daydreamer said...

hi liberated soul,
ur blogpage came on the way when i was searching something on the net.well good 4 both of us, i could relate to a lot of lines that u wrote. I dont know whether ull find my comment offensive but i actually felt that y did u just let others take decision for u. The end result was grt, u got time 4 ur books but was it wise on ur part to let somebody dictate and announce that u need to be at home. i hardly knw what happened dear so plz hard feelings.
bytheway i must congratulate u ... u write beautifully!i enjoyed reading a few of ur posts.
The daydreamer

A Liberated Soul said...

Welcome to my blog!

I havent really dropped my job. There wer talks abt it. But then I thought job is also an important commitment jus like any other commitments of life.

And ya- I dont get offended that easily ;-)