Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Letters from Mindland

I have some letters with me. Not particularly hand written.

Short and long letters..
Some addressed some not
Some beautiful some not
Some forgotten some not

Letters that carry yesterdays...written by my mind but never posted, stacked up and labelled with memories..

All those times when you asked me 'Where are you so lost?'

The answer is 'I have got a mail.'

Not all minds stack up, some like to be read.

And I have got a mail..

Photo: Unknown (Google Images)


Aathira said...

Can I just tell you I love your blog? All your words have resonated with me. I love the way you write and I spent a morning going through all your old posts. I can see myself in your words :) I shall be back to read more. Keep writing!

A Liberated Soul said...

That is interesting - you spent a morning going through my old posts! :)