Sunday, January 31, 2016

Everything you, I love.

I have waited long. Long enough to miss many trains and many full moons. Yet I never got a glimpse of your soul.

I am scared. I am in love. With you and everything you.

Ofcourse I feel like I know you like a mirror, but that's only a feeling. The truth is you are a stranger. Your soul, I don't know.

Stranger sometimes because you have a soul that I haven't felt. You let me into your heart, your thoughts and you love abundantly but you are a stranger with a soul.

I will wait. Miss many more trains. Even more full moons.

I will wait till you come to me baring your soul. Baring everything you.

Everything you, I love and then forever your soul too.

Photo: Unknown (Google Images)


Shadow said...


Aathira said...

Speechless. Your words are always so beautiful.

A Liberated Soul said...

Shadow, thank you :)

Aathira, thanks :)