Sunday, January 13, 2008

The last monopoly

‘Let me win the monopoly and then I shall…’ left there incomplete, he moved away.

Those were the last words I heard from him. What was monopoly? Was it the same game? Or was it what I learned in school in one of those economics classes-‘Monopoly refers to a market situation where there is only one seller’. Or was it anything else that I didn’t know. He left it there, then. Why? What did he mean anyway? What was after ‘then I shall’?

Was winning monopoly more important than me? Was winning monopoly meant to be winning money? Lots and lots of money? Was it why he went to the gambling bar on Saturday nights? But then I never once saw him drunk or a loser. He was always a winner in my eyes. Could it be any less?

Why did you leave me with so many questions to answer myself? Why didn’t you turn back to complete the line you started? Why didn’t you appear again? Jail-Is that where you went?

Why did I stand still and not ask? Why did I let go myself when I saw everything of me go away with him?

It was only a dream. There was nothing more that I could do this morning but to smile to myself thinking of how and why did monopoly remain in my sub-conscious mind?

Who wanted to win? What was monopoly? Was it the game I knew or was it what I once learned in school?

‘Monopoly is a market situation where there is only one seller.’


Mez said...

A monopolist trying to play games of 'perfect competition'.

A Liberated Soul said...

Mez, :)