Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday stinginess

She once asked me why I had been stingy on words. I smiled the very moment. I thought of her face I had never seen. Never means never.

“If all the words were mine.......” There I was! OMG six of my words in one go.

And then I saw an unconvinced look in her eyes. The eyes I had never seen. Never means……never. Ah! They made me smile. Smile the more.

I wish words were mine. I perhaps would have not been stingy then. And maybe then she would have never complained.

People share love. She says. I agree. People easily share lust. She says. I don’t agree. If at all sharing intimate emotions were easy world would have been a place with the no different people.

And so my thoughts come in words. The words I count before giving away. The thoughts I treasure even after giving away. The words I like to think are only mine. I just like to maybe it is not. ‘Maybe’ a word I know will always be mine. For my very own reasons.

But I shall share my words a little more with all who finds little pleasures in my little world.

All a little more......


annie said...

Awwwwww How sweet! Lemme come back this post in detail when I’m at my best in a thinking mode.

annie said...

Time to leave my work territory..on this later again for sure. Have a nice day ahead!!

Ashu said...

Aaah.......Girl you touched me. You touched me right to my innermost part of the soul.

Words, they mean a lot, they hurt a lot. But true well meant words last forever, they make you feel better, they soothe you.

Words convey the deepest and darkest of expressions and emotions...

Word, all lies in words....Isn't it......


A Liberated Soul said...

Annie: Thinking mode please!

Ashu: "And so our souls touched each other for the first time ever."

annie said...

She asked and you were quick to respond in few words.

She again asked and this time you gave away a few more expressions.

With every conversation the count to your thoughts rose.

And she watched and will continue to do so.

All words are yours but you prefer to speak through others words.

And with this you wonder how best to extract from this and leave the rest.

Mysterious ways of a Mysterious Gal!

A Liberated Soul said...

Annie: Lovely! This is just so lovely! :-)

annie said...


I thought you were offended by my comment.