Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unusual company

It was unusually a dull day. Not for me but for everyone else. At least for those I could think of. No blue sky, no sunshine, no warmth nothing of a bright day. It was raining. And that is not less than a very beautiful day for me. I was unusually in my furtive mood. Feeling myself. Loving myself.

Rain and a cup of coffee. That’s another ultimate pleasure to me. I wanted a company. Not for a lifetime but for a coffee. He likes chocolate drinks. He only likes and only takes chocolate drinks. Hot milky chocolate drinks.

Sitting on the kitchen table through the windows he looked up; at the sky and then at me.

He took a sip; of the drink and then my love.

I knew he had fallen in love already; with the drink and with the sky.

Finally found the company I was looking for. Not for a coffee but for a lifetime.

The smell of melted chocolate.

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