Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Diary: Page 4

I am tired today. I feel like my little world has stopped revolving. 
I am tired today. Like tired in a way, I don't wish to part the curtains of my bedroom. 
Like I wish not to see the Sun. Or this morning or the stars tonight. 

Why do you do this to me? Why do you act like you don't know?

My heart is in my hands. And where is your heart? I don't even know. Locked away perhaps? Or maybe with someone whom I don't even know.
That's how extremes we are, you see.

I am tired of how you have left me to imagine what could possibly be your thoughts. 
I am tired of everything in short. Even tired of writing this. 


Aathira said...

Your words have a way of going straight to my heart. I could relate to this one so much :(

A Liberated Soul said...

My heart is in my hands. And his?
Woman are like flowers, soft, fragnant, beautiful and full of colors. All they want is love. :)

Anonymous said...