Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The little talk

We thought of a nice late-evening walk. And talk. We thought of the Jumeirah beach. Of course we knew the palms are growing fast and steady and that there aren’t enough waves to pamper our feet. But there is something about the walk in Jumeirah. The sight is one beautiful sight with the Burj Al Arab standing tall adding luxury to the beach. And who wouldn’t notice the far away Atlantis. It isn’t any less than a dreamland.

Well, getting back to the walk. Oh yes the talk too. We lie down on the beach spoiling our hair and clothes, looking up at the sky filled with twinkling stars. We remain silent for a long time until he decided to break it.

‘I read your blog regularly.’

I ignore and close my eyes.

‘I said, I read your blog regularly.’

I sit up with crossed legs and play with the sand. Did I smile?

‘It's nice.’

Yes I did smile.

‘Just that I don’t understand a lot of it.’

I burst out laughing. Okay! Sorry!

‘But it's good. Really!’

Smiles! Smiles! Smiles! 

I wish I could believe him. But all I knew then, was that I would have something to write today. With smiles!  


A Liberated Soul said...

Sands, there! Okay? But how did you see it so fast?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

I am a CS graduate right?! ;)

and yes, the post is good! :)

mrniiiceguy said...

hmmmn ... a niiice snap shot ... :)

very interesting ...

Nitin said...

smiling post in sands....

is it inherent problem with a particular sex that they wouldn't believe it easily

Nitin said...

I didn't get ur comment on 25th March... is it an anniversary of .....

a year when u switched u r job.

(can't be ur bday as it comes in monsoon...)

A Liberated Soul said...

MrNiiice, :)

Nitin, 'smiling post in sands' liked it. Comment on 25th March? Job? Didn't get it!

Ash said...

Sounds like a lovely evening!

A Liberated Soul said...

Ash, too simple isn't it?

asha said...

After a long time I am here to leave a comment.Before that let me tell you one thing..Even if there were no comments from me I haven't missed any of your posts ok :)
After reading the little talk I feel like having a walk in your Jumeirah :) Hope I will get a chance soon..


A Liberated Soul said...

Asha, thats a good news. So when are you planning to visit?

Hailstone said...

Precise, but nice.

Just a :) for you.


A Liberated Soul said...

Hailstone, I like smiles. Thanks!