Sunday, June 22, 2008

For you on my birthday

Birthdays were never special until I met her. I wonder as I write this, doesn’t everyone have a birthday story. Would my story be a boring repeat? Never mind! What else on a day like today? I know it’s going to be hard for you to read. All I can do is make it as short as possible.

I was a simple, serious, boring, workaholic, humble, family loving, and no-dreams kind of person. You get the idea, don’t you? So it was in the summer of 2005 that I first saw her. I fell in love. Not with her, but with her hair, long, black, lustrous, beautiful hair. I was a guy who had no girl friends, no close friends and no love affairs. A lonely guy, I must say. The only girl I knew was the girl I was engaged to, that too for a period of two months. It was an engagement that was never meant to be and so didn’t stay long. Coming back to the longhaired beauty. She had something in her that made my heart beat faster every time I saw her. She had beautiful eyes that did almost always hide her shyness. I fell for her all the more. For the first time ever in my life, I experienced love.

I was quite an unromantic guy and I am sure she would have guessed it well in advance. She suggested we have a formal proposal day. And we did. A disaster! Forget!

Most of the time, we would be busy at work. You won’t believe, but that was the time we exchanged smiles and love glimpses. Her smile! Her lovely eyes! No words can describe it even today.

Love was in the air and we started celebrating all unimportant occasions in our lives. That, most importantly included my birthday. Until then, I had never celebrated my birthdays and had no plans to make it a special day. Why then that year, I had asked her. She made up an angry face, I remember, which immediately made me smile and agree. We left office early on my birthday. She had bought me a cake and I cut it; a little excited and a little puzzled. I hoped it was the right way to cut and the right way to celebrate one’s birthday.

To add to my excitement she had a gift too. An unwrapped one. A gift that I had, then, never thought of; a gift that in return took my soul with her; a gift that I wish I could forget today. And if not today at least for a moment.


Ria said...

birthdays are always memorable when u hav tht special someone with u! :) Jus reminded me of yesterday when i was with my guy, celebrating my b'day which is 23rd of June! :D

A Liberated Soul said...

Ria: Happy Birthday to you! :) Hope you had a good time celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday buddies.... Wish you have such special b'days all through your life.

God bless ya!!!

Anonymous said...

:O. whats that ?

A Liberated Soul said...

Shekhar: Oh no! Pls! Its not my birthday. It was only a post. My birthday's coming up next month though.

Ashu: I have a complaint against you Ashu. You NEVER NEVER NEVER understand my posts.

Nitin said...

So this time u r putting u r self in unromantic guy shoes...

let start with what I understood...
Here u r explaining the simple guy .. for explaining his simplicity u have described that he fall in love bcoz of hair and smile...
To show how much he loves .. u hv described that though he had never celebrated his bday..and neither intend to do ..but he couldn't refuse when she asked for it. and then proposal day..

There are few points which i couldn't understand :
what is the significance of describing his broken engagement
and telling they r working in same office..

And do the "unwrapped" word in the gift means that they had............. and that was his unforgettable gift..

So tell me do i get the passing mark :) or still failed to understand.. :(

A Liberated Soul said...

Nitin: I am so happy that you have understood my post. All this while I was guilty for confusing the few readers I have with my posts. U have understood it well.

Broken engagement = Maybe even she realized I was going to be a boring husband to her.

Same office = There she was right infront of me yet so far that I cannot even touch.

Unwrapped gift = Kiss that cannot be wrapped. The picture was for that purpose. For a simple guy like me even a kiss (that too the first one) was unforgettable.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Belated Happy B'day! :)

When is the party? ;)

Off Topic:
Safari in mac (leopard) shows some parts of malayalam text.

If you are craving to read malayalam, you can manage.

For a normal person, he wouldn't take that much of pains to read that juggled up text ;)

All the same, try firefox-3 ... that could help (it has more unicode support)

PS: Off topic was longer than the real thing.

A Liberated Soul said...

Sands: It was only a post. Wasn't my birthday. But I will keep the birthday wishes. I crave to read malayalam, but really can't understand mac system.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

oops!! :)

Keep the wishes for next month. :)
Although I shall give fresh wishes at that time too. :)


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