Saturday, March 08, 2008

This was what was happening

I have been totally out of order for a month now. Ups and downs at office. Well, it has been happening for months and I was only analyzing my faults to compromise for a while. Finally I resigned on 20th of last month. Another 12 days to go and I will be relaxed.

Last year I had written posts on how I got this job and how excited I was. Big company, great opportunity blah…blah…you see. Things were different those days though. The first boss of mine- a cool one in all its meaning, migrated to Canada in the third month of my joining. My bad luck! The next boss of mine- very understanding in all its meaning, resigned 6 months after that. My bad luck! Then the current one-very bitchy in all its meaning, rules the office now showing no signs of quitting.

In between all this, in the month of October came a sweet girl to help me with my work. I was happy that I could train her and leave in mid Feb. All plans went upside down when she resigned on 31st Jan without even a notice. Then I realized I had a thicker skin than hers. Haha!

Anyways all over! Had a bad time seriously! Why would I even bother to write further?

I didn’t have the time to really look out for another job in middle of these. That’s when I was proved how lucky I am. I simply updated my Resume on one busy morning and sent it to a company my friend referred me to. And it worked out, in the first go. I am appointed and will be joining soon.

Hope other formalities go well and I don’t have to see her face again ever in my life.


mayz said...

timin i say...guess quitin is in d air...jus dat i dnt have anythin in hand rite now...hopefully i shud by nxt mnth may wud b my last here...ahhhh!!!!!

all d best wid ur new job!!

Mez said...

For 2 reasons:

1. For being able to understand the post in entirety.First time on your blog D..yuhu :)

2. For the fantastic money n job offer. Wish u all the luck!Oh reminds me i gotta call u. Soon.

A Liberated Soul said...

Mayz, thanks and wish you luck too. Hope you find the right oppurtunity.

Mez, I am happy :)

Anonymous said...

Thats gooood news Dudeeee(new word). and i know i second mez here.....and u d be more furious i know. but thts fine. its good normal post.....

tussi rock karte ho D!!!!!!!!

A Liberated Soul said...

Ashu, thankyou darling!