Sunday, November 11, 2007

Colder than winter

Nobody can stop the one who wants to leave. Leave from life? Yes I want to. How can one leave from life? And why is that nobody can stop?

My feet become cold. The tip of my nose even colder. It’s cold. It’s coming. Winter! I love it yet I want to leave.

“You once told me na”


“That you wanted to leave.”

“I am ready any day. Even today!”

How easy it was to say, I thought. I wish I could say that. But you know nobody can stop the one who wants to leave. I didn’t stop either. I only stopped my words, my thoughts. Or....I stopped my only words, my only thoughts?

I fear 'any day'. The day ‘leaving’ would happen. The day I will have start talking to myself. Like a mad person. Or maybe the mad person was like how I thought I was going to be.

I want some candles, some chocolates and a young night in the winter.

And then I shall leave.

From all what I thought shall never....


Anonymous said...

Leaving is goddamit so tough job. Not easy D, not easy.

annie said...

I thought Bye scares me till I heard Goodbye…and life has never been the same again. To many such summers when I sweat with tears and winters when I shiver with fear…..i will always dread Goodbye’s.

A Liberated Soul said...

Ashy, our blog is our thoughts. Agree? Our thoughts are not easy. Agree!!! And so we know leaving is not easy...

Annie, you will soon not :-)

Anonymous said...

Where have u lost D ?