Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day or was it night

For some particular reason that early weekend conversation started at the coffee table in my kitchen. Kitchen is mine for some reason.

Something kept drumming on the air condition that didn’t let me sleep throughout the night. Lazy yet I wanted to find out what was happening outside the four walls of ‘our’ bedroom. Bedroom is not mine for an obvious reason. Neither the moon nor the sun was bright enough to show me the way to my kitchen. A rare time of the day or was it night. I like to see the world outside only through the windows of my kitchen. I was there then.

He walked up to me and demanded a cup of his favorite chocolate drink. It wasn’t late enough for the morning freshens which he was particular. He sat on the table looking at me in wonder.

I stood gazing through the window to some point between the trees on the other side of the road. Yes, there exists a forest – Green belt forest in middle of the desert. It was stormy outside as I could see the trees kissed each other with the rhythm of wind. A dusty, dry, desert wind. I felt the dryness in my eyes, the dust in my hair and the desert in my heart.

“Dreaming are you?”

I wanted to reply to it in many ways. Choosing became difficult and he ran over.

“What are you looking at?”

Knowing how he would react I described what I saw through the window-A silly me.

“And you think you are creative.” (The loving sarcastic he)

No! I think I can speak my thoughts well; I wished I only said that.

“You want the drink hot or cold?” was all I managed.


annie said...

Hmmmmmm....and then??
Suttle yet strong deliverance..

A Liberated Soul said...

Annie: and then the storm settled down for a compromise.

annie said...

LOng time...where art thou?

A Liberated Soul said...

Hey, I was jus there at your place b4 this :-)

annie said...

Happy Independence Day!!

annie said... work?