Monday, July 09, 2007

A bridge to memories

It was the first few days of our marriage. I remember that hot afternoon when we left the windows open of our bedroom, when we only wanted to spend it hugging and loving each other. My head resting on his chest I had told him how much I fancy to travel on a bike.

That evening we went out. He didn’t take me far but I enjoyed it more than anything else.

A ride on a bike with him.
A fascination to hold him proudly with my arms around his waist.
A secret fascination to pass by his ex-love’s house at the end of the street, sitting behind him on a bike and holding him tight.

He fulfilled it with a newly-turned-into-a complete man pride. I thought he could be complete only with my companionship.

It was late enough for darkness to creep. I wanted to enjoy my new excitement for a little longer which made him stop at the near by bridge.

The bridge was also complete. I thought. It had a companion-A river flowing quietly below it.

We stood there holding hands. The bridge shook every time when the cars passed on it. And so did our hands.

“Why does it shake like this?” I asked.

“The bridge is made with little gaps to survive all climates. The gaps make the bridge shake a bit. Don’t worry!”. He said that with the same attitude.

I felt a rare pleasure-the silent river in darkness, the bridge, the island that was brightened up with lights on the opposite side, a unique smell of the land in the winds and the special feeling of love that we had just started to share in every single form possible. It was indeed a memorable feeling.

I wish to cherish the memories of that night today for a reason. Bridges have gaps for a reason.

Our love has to survive for a reason. There are gaps between us for a reason.


annie said...

Lovely...very well put!

Nightingale* said...

I liked the way you write...your flow of thoughts...nice.